Juliana Martinez

I’ve always been the reason to have my parents visiting the school principal once in a while. Not that I wasn’t a good student don't get me wrong but I wanted to communicate, I wanted to make my friends laugh, I wanted to have fun everyday. I always wanted to bring more joy to people even when I needed or had to be quiet. This desire kept walking with me until I went to college and I chose to study psychology. I thought that by being a psychologist I could make people happier by talking and communicating but I actually had to keep there sitting and quiet just like when I was in school. That didn't feel right and a little boring, I didn't really feel like making those people’s day any better. I wanted to see happiness, I wanted to feel that I left a little bit of joy inside each one and I found it in photography. The connection the client and I create during the first minutes of session, the jokes we make and all the fun we have are finally the formula I was looking for, to bring that feeling of joy to every person who crosses my journey. And having those moments recorded in photographs is the biggest reward for all my searching so far. Each photoshoot brings me a new experience, a new insight into my life.